Project summaries

Long Term Vegetation Monitoring and Restoration, Forster, NSW


Sclerophyll Flora was commissioned by NSW OEH and Aus Eco Solutions Pty Ltd as the Principal Project Ecologist since July 2015 to assist in long term restoration and monitoring of swamp sclerophyll forest, the Threatened forb Asperula asthenes and the Squirrel Glider population at 5 sites on the lower NSW North Coast, Forster.

Flora surveys for Snowy2, Kosciuszko National Park


Sclerophyll Flora undertook BAM plots and targeted Threatened flora surveys across northern expanses of Kosciuszko National Park as part of the Snowy2 proposal for EMM throughout the 2018 and 2019/2020 survey seasons.  

Flora monitoring surveys of Blue Mountain Upland Swamps, Newnes Plateau


Sclerophyll assisted RPS ecology staff in the conduct of upland swamp monitoring on the Newnes Plateau to assess impacts on swamps from underground coal mining activity. Detailed swamp floristics were surveyed along permanent transects over a series of impact and control swamps. 

Cobaki Lakes Biodiversity Offsets


Sclerophyll Flora was commissioned in August 2018 as an expert Ecologist by the NSW Crown Solicitors Office on behalf of the NSW Minister for Planning as part of court proceedings relating to a dispute with a property developer regarding the adequacy of biodiversity offsets associated with a large residential subdivision at Cobaki Lakes (Tweed Heads), NSW.  

New Maitland Hospital Biodiversity Assessment


Sclerophyll Flora was commissioned by Health Infrastructure NSW to undertake biodiversity assessments (BBAM and BAM) for Stages 1 and 2 of the New Maitland Hospital development at Metford, NSW, in the lower Hunter Valley.  Lower Hunter Spotted Gum Ironbark Forest EEC and the Squirrel Glider were key issues in the assessments.

Flora Surveys, BAT Scheme, Water Catchment Lands, Avon Dam Catchment


Sclerophyll Flora was commissioned by EMM to assist in the conduct of Threatened flora surveys for the proposed Burrawang to Avon Tunnel (BAT) water supply augmentation scheme in the special areas water catchment lands above the Illawarra escarpment during the 2019/2020 survey season.